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UCSD Study Unraveling the Complexities between Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease

UCSD Study Ds ADOur friends at University of California, San Diego are helping to unravel the complexities of Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. A news report from WFMZ in San Diego refers to a three-year pilot project involving a relatively small set of individuals with Down syndrome, like the impressive Jonathan Shirley.

Dr. Mike Rafii, the principal investigator on this pilot Down Syndrome Biomarker Initiative (DSBI) and his research colleagues at UCSD, are investigating the similarities between the brains of aging people with Down syndrome and those with Alzheimer’s disease, both developing buildup of characteristic amyloid plaques. Individuals with Down syndrome develop these amyloid plaques earlier by the age of 40.

LuMind Foundation’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Michael Harpold, is a member of the DSBI steering committee and is collaborating with Dr. Rafii and others on developing a larger private-public partnership DSBI study. That program is currently in the planning and development stage. To see the news segment in full and watch a video of Jonathan Shirley, please click here.

Identifying More of the Ds Puzzle Pieces

Researchers at University of California Davis are helping to unravel the complexities of Down syndrome by identifying a group of so-called supporting cells in the brain that may be related to abnormal neuron development.

The research team obtained evidence of a potentially critical role of astrolgia cells in people with Down syndrome. The researchers created a human cellular model based on skin cells from people with Down syndrome and performed detailed physiological studies and screened for possible drugs that may alleviate some of the abnormalities. Read more about this discovery.

The tremendous breakthroughs continue to come at an unprecedented pace in the world of Down syndrome cognitive development research!

NDSC Convention: Setting the Pace

We enjoyed meeting friends and making new ones at the National Down Syndrome Congress convention in Indianapolis from July 11-13, 2014.

We especially want to thank the people who got up early on Saturday morning to show an interest in research by attending our presentation “Advances in Down Syndrome Cognition Research – Dramatic Progress in Translating Discoveries into New Therapies.” Carolyn Cronin, Dr. Michael Harpold and Dr. Roger Reeves addressed a crowd of more than 200 people and answered questions about the opportunities created by your donations to the LuMind Foundation.

Nothing but Net – and Research

Basketball + Fourth of July + air conditioning = a great way to raise money for Down syndrome cognition research!

LI Hoops_AnthonyOur friend and Board Member Anthony Providenti hosts a Long Island tradition, a basketball tournament to benefit the LuMind Foundation. The event raised $4000 and the spirits of all of us here at LuMind –  thanks to everyone who played, cheered and donated.

Here’s an article about the event:

Young and Hoary Battled at Sportime – Tournament benefited Down syndrome foundation