Monthly Archives: January 2010

Memorial Donation to Research Down Syndrome

Dr. William D. Futch, a 92 year old internist from St. Petersburg, Florida, recently made a generous donation to Research Down Syndrome in memory of his wife Frances Futch and his sister, Suzanne Futch Flatley. The two women were close friends and both had an abiding interest in the Down syndrome community.

RDS recognizes and applauds grandparents and extended family members for the very important roles they have played in the lives of persons with Down syndrome.

Dr. Futch’s gift was also made to provide continuing support for researchers as they rapidly increase their understanding of the cognitive issues associated with Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. As a physician, his practice was always focused on solutions that would enhance the quality of his patients’ lives.

In addition to Dr. Futch, others have made contributions to RDS in memory of family and friends. Dr. Futch and these generous donors, along with Research Down Syndrome, hope that others will consider such donations. A small donation from a large number of family and friends of the Down syndrome community could have a dramatic impact on the pace of the research. All of the proceeds from such contributions will be directly applied to cognitive research addressing Down syndrome, and the shared risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Study with Down syndrome cells identifies a new key factor related to Alzheimer

Persons with Down syndrome have a greatly increased risk of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease(AD). Learn from this article how a recently published study links Down syndrome cells with a novel factor that contributes to a cellular defect known to be associated with AD.