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Chicago Marathon

RDS would like to thank the RDS Runners who ran in the Chicago Marathon, which was held on Sunday, October 9. RDS was pleased to have runners from across the country participating. Our runners had a fun evening before the race enjoying a carb loading pasta dinner party hosted by RDS. During the marathon, RDS manned a booth at the Chicago Marathon charity block party and cheered on their runners. We want to thanks those who came and supported RDS and visited us at the charity block party.

RDS is pleased to be a charity partner with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, and is looking forward to next year! If you are interested in participing in the Chicago Marathon or other RDS Runners’ events, contact us at 877-863-2121 or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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Chicago Marathon Maura

Research Down Syndrome Runners

Chicago Marathon Charity Box