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Lyndon LaPlante: Someone You Should Know

lyndon laplanteFor two years now, Lyndon LaPlante has golfed in the RDS Golf Classic held near Dallas, Tx.  At both events, Lyndon has been a highlighted speaker at the awards dinner, and has elicited both laughter and tears as he discusses his life experiences and aspirations.  Read more about how Lyndon helps promote Down Syndrome awareness. He is an inspiration to all of us, and a great supporter of Down syndrome cognitive research.

How quality of sleep impacts memory and learning in children with Down syndrome

Research under way at the University of Arizona is revealing a connection between quality of sleep and the learning and memory functions in children with Down Syndrome.
“It’s well known that children with Down Syndrome are vulnerable to developing sleep apnea which results in pauses in breathing,” UA psychology student Jennifer Breslin says. Breslin has been conducting a study looking at children with Down Syndrome and the occurrence of sleep apnea.

“If we can demonstrate that kids with poor sleep have poor cognitive outcomes, we can make a case for intervention and ultimately improving their behavior and learning ability,” she says. “If we could give these kids a better quality of life, that would be awesome.” View this excellent video which describes this research.