Monthly Archives: April 2013

Down Syndrome Cognition Workshop in Washington

A three day Workshop, Cognition in Down Syndrome: Molecular, Cellular and Behavioral Features and the Promise of Pharmacotherapies, was held in Washington on April 13-15. Research Down Syndrome was a co-sponsor of this research meeting. Presentations and posters addressed:
  • Chromosome 21 genes and processes they influence
  • Lessons from other causes of Intellectual Disabilities(ID)
  • Mechanisms of ID in DS
  • Pharmacology in Model Systems
  • DS Cognitive and Neurological Features, including sleep studies
  • Clinical Trials for cognition in DS
140 researchers from thirteen countries were in attendance.

RDS Co-Sponsors Down Syndrome Cognition and Ds/Alzheimer’s Disease Workshops

Research Down Syndrome will be participating in two workshops in the Washington, DC area in April. Cognition in Down syndrome: Molecular, Cellular and Behavioral Features and the Promise of Pharmacotherapeutics will take place on April 12-15. The format of the workshop will include platform presentations by invited speakers and additional platform presentations, poster symposia and poster sessions chosen from submitted abstracts.

On April 16-17, the workshop, Advancing Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease in Individuals with Down Syndrome, will be held.

These sessions will bring together experts working in different disciplines to best enable integration of research areas, research expertise and research resources.

Further details on these workshops may be found here.