Never Underestimate Your Influence

by Anne Tippett, LuMind RDS Vice President of Development

Do you have plans for December 1, Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You may already have a charity in mind to support, hopefully you’ll consider LuMind RDS.


Did you know your friends and family might want to participate in Giving Tuesday, but are uncertain about which organization to support? They may be interested in supporting Down syndrome research because they care about you, they just need to know about us.

While you may take for granted how you live your life and support your loved one with Down syndrome, you may not realize the positive impact you have on others. Teachers, relatives, friends, healthcare providers, all types of people have supported us because of your influence.

Giving Tuesday is rooted in social media and fueled by online sharing. Please watch our website, open our emails, and share our posts with your network to encourage people to donate to LuMind RDS.

Or tell your story and invite people to participate in Giving Tuesday by supporting you and your loved one with Down syndrome. Use #GivingTuesday #GTLuMindRDS and we will share (and thank you!).

But it’s not all about money – Giving Tuesday is about finding ways to give back. So, all day on Tuesday, we’ll be posting ways people can share talent, time, and ideas. Give them a look and consider asking your network to lend some talent to our cause. If you want a preview, check out our list of volunteer opportunities.

And we’d love to help you help us! Tell us why you are inspired by the promise of Down syndrome cognition research and we’ll feature you on our social sites. Make sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @LuMindRDS or send an email to our marketing director, Ellen Oliver at, and we’ll gladly celebrate your support!

Down syndrome cognition research is a promising investment, not only for our loved ones with DS, but also for the Alzheimer’s community. We thank you for supporting LuMind RDS and giving with your head as well as your heart.

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