2015 Awards Gala: Remembering Bright Minds

For our first Awards Gala we wanted to honor the best and brightest and cognition research today, but also pay tribute to great minds who are no longer with us.

Dr. Edgin receiving the Dr. David Cox award.

Dr. Edgin receiving the Dr. David R. Cox Rising Star award.

We awarded Dr. Jamie Edgin the Cox Rising Star Award. This award is named in honor of David R. Cox, M.D., Ph.D. a world-renowned geneticist and inaugural member of the LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board. Some of Dr. Cox’s significant professional accomplishments included:

  • making instrumental contributions to the Human Genome Project
  • serving as a professor of genetics and pediatrics at Stanford and co-director of the Stanford Genome Center
  • participating in several international and national councils and commissions; and
  • elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.

Since Cox was always curious, innovative and a pioneer, the Cox Rising Star Award recognizes distinction in Down syndrome research by early career researchers.

Dr. Mobley receiving the

Dr. Mobley receiving the Cohen Researcher of Distinction Award, named in honor of William I. Cohen, MD.

Dr. William Mobley received the Cohen Researcher of Distinction Award, named in honor of William I. Cohen, MD, a great friend, colleague, and very active and highly supportive inaugural member of LuMind RDS Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Bill Cohen was widely recognized for his deep compassion and contributions to the medical care of children with Down syndrome, and his unwavering commitment to, and support of, the entire Down syndrome community. His energy, joy for all of life, and enthusiastic excitement for the potential of the most rigorous new evidence-based biomedical research for creating new opportunities for all people with Down syndrome has been inspiring to researchers, physicians, as well as all in the Down syndrome community and beyond.

This award recognizes a major impact on accelerating the pace of Down syndrome research through open access, participation and collaboration.

See photos from the awards gala.

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