My Giving Story: A Foot in Two Worlds – Ds and AD

By Anna M. Miller, PhD, RN

New developments in the relationship between Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome are truly exciting, particularly for those of us who have vested interests in both worlds.


Proud Grandma Anna with her lovely granddaughter Stephanie. Anna supports Ds cognition research because she knows therapies that might help Stephanie may also help her, too.

My mother lived with classic AD progressive deterioration for 20 years, ending in total incapacity. Loving care-giving was an ongoing necessity, changing as her needs changed. Much later, my wonderful and beautiful granddaughter was born with Ds. Now 10 years old, she is very engaging, dearly loved, and quite high functioning, and new therapies to enhance her cognitive functioning (and maybe maintain mine!) may expand her potentials as she matures.

Such possibilities on the horizon send expectant shivers of excitement through my entire being!! She and I may come to have more in common than we thought!

My professional background and faith have helped me find gifts and grace through life’s challenges and opportunities, and also help me appreciate the intensive and extensive scientific efforts that have brought us thus far. Many thanks to all!

– Thank you to Anna and the entire Miller family for their support of LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation.

One thought on “My Giving Story: A Foot in Two Worlds – Ds and AD

  1. Beverly Peterson

    hi there my name is Beverly Peterson I have a Uncle that is 58 years old with DS/AD I am asking help to send him to Graceland so he can have a happy time before he forgets he is at the stage where now he just sits arounds and watches Elvis movies and sings onces in a while. He loves
    Elvis you all know what it is like to be with a love one with Downs and Alzheimers. I put a fund raiser on Gofundme but most not know what I am doing My uncle name is Douglas Pruitt.


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