LuMind Foundation and Research Down Syndrome Have Merged

LuMind Foundation and Research Down Syndrome have combined resources and programs. Together, we have contributed nearly $12 million to stimulate cognition research, resulting in the discovery of multiple drug targets and supporting the initiation of four clinical trials.

The LuMind Foundation (formerly the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation – DSRTF) and Research Down Syndrome (RDS), worldwide leaders in advancing Down syndrome cognition research, together announce consolidation of the two organizations. The new foundation will pursue their shared mission more effectively and efficiently, and leverage the tremendous progress each has made to ignite Down syndrome cognition discoveries.


The merged organization will be named LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation. The LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation will be led by a national board of directors, consisting of board members from both organizations. Ryan Hartman will continue from his position as LuMind Foundation Chairman of the Board and Dan Flatley, Research Down Syndrome founder and Chairman, will serve as Vice Chairman.

Carolyn Cronin, recently named President and CEO, will lead the organization. Robert C. Schoen, Ph.D., formerly President, Research Down Syndrome, will be Director, Donor and Event Engagement. Dr. Michael Harpold will remain as the Chief Scientific Officer, leading the very successful research program. LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation will be consolidated and headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

“The LuMind Foundation and Research Down Syndrome have shared a mission of funding cognition research for people with Down syndrome and a Scientific Advisory Board for many years,” explained Hartman. “Our mission includes raising $25 million in five years to support Down syndrome research. Now we are coming together to speak with one voice on issues that are relevant to individuals and families in the Down syndrome community, and leverage resources to increase funds for research grants.”

It is the mission of LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation to stimulate biomedical research to accelerate the development of treatments to significantly improve cognition, including memory, learning and speech, for individuals with Down syndrome enabling them to participate more successfully in school, lead more active and independent lives, and avoid the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.

“Bringing the organizations together will increase our fundraising capacity and accelerate bio-medical programs that, in just a few years, have already demonstrated great success,” Flatley added.

Research funded by LuMind Foundation and Research Down Syndrome has led to the discovery of multiple pathways contributing to cognitive impairment that may serve as potential drug targets and four clinical trials testing possible drug therapies are currently underway.

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