Give With Your Head As Well As Your Heart

gt-give-love-150x150Many people who support our foundation have a loved one with Down syndrome, so you may think their commitment to supporting cognition research is solely an emotional decision. But making a donation to LuMind RDS is a smart investment, too.

  • Since 2004, LuMind RDS has achieved unprecedented results – identifying nine drug targets and leading to four clinical trials.
  • We understand the drug discovery and development process and keep the end goal – effective, safe drug therapies – in sight.
  • Strong collaborations with both academia and biopharma bring together all the pieces necessary for making therapeutics a reality sooner. When the research is ready for the next step, so are all the players.
  • We engage with Ds community to educate on research, obtain participants for clinical trials, and learn the issues of importance to them.
  • We have a deep network with scientists in Ds, cognition research, and Alzheimer’s disease research, too, and encourage collaboration between them.
  • We are internationally focused. We look for the most transformative and best research, anywhere.
  • Our strong ties with the National Institutes of Health allowed us to help develop the DS-Connect® registry and participate on the DS Consortium project – to promote the health and research for the Ds community.
  • We insist on a high quality team and Scientific Advisory Board to identify the most promising lines of research.
  • Thanks to an ambitious vision and your donations, together we are making a significant difference in the world of Down syndrome research and Alzheimer’s disease research.

Bottom line: We have an outstanding track record and our targeted strategy has proven effective and efficient. 

Whether or not you have a loved one with Down syndrome, supporting LuMind RDS and cognition research allows you to give with your head as well as your heart. Thank you.

Visit our Annual Appeal page to make a donation today.

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