DS-Connect® Challenge Impact: A Look at the Map

At LuMind Foundation, we bring light to the science of Down syndrome cognition research. Thanks to to the amazing support for LuMind Foundation’s DS-Connect® Challenge, hundreds of you brought a glow to the DS-Connect® map!

DS Connect Map November 2014.jpg

The DS-Connect® Map on November 12, 2014 (courtesy NIH).

On the map of the major metropolitan areas where aggregate, de-identified information is displayed, six areas now glow bright red. A big shout-out to our friends in Texas who shifted from yellow to red, indicating more than 100 people support research.

Don’t see your area glowing red or yellow? That’s because the registry protects your privacy and is only displaying the major metropolitan areas. Your information is still there!

“We are thrilled with the response to the LuMind Challenge and the positive impact that it has had on increasing the number of registrants on DS-Connect®. We are grateful for all the families who have signed up for the registry and hope that they will continue to support research in Down syndrome. This resource will help connect families with the research that matters to them,” said Dr. Melissa A. Parisi, Chief of the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Branch at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Thank you to the NIH and all the people who joined DS-Connect® in October, or earlier or just helped to spread the word!

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