Calling All Siblings

Slide12Most people with Down syndrome have more in common than an extra chromosome: they have loving, supportive families. We’ve seen how families come together to support Down syndrome research. Now siblings can get involved too.

It’s easy: Create a fundraising page and challenge your friends and family to give on December 2. Tell the world about your amazing, inspirational sibling and tap into your social media networks to spread the word. Telling your story on a your own page is the best way to get your network to invest in cognition research.

The biggest sibling fundraiser will have their story featured on our website, plus15 blog, and on our social media sites after Giving Tuesday. Ready to go now? Set up your page today and tell us your inspiration. We’ll give your page a kickstart by talking about you now.

Think you can raise more money than your brothers or sisters? How about your cousins or friends on your sports teams? We bet you can… just don’t let your sister win.

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