Making an Online Impact for Down Syndrome

by Shon Christy, LuMind Foundation Board Member

Shon with his inspiration - his son Beckett.

LuMInd Foundation Board Member Shon Christy with his inspiration – his son Beckett.

It has been said that social media is fire and passion is the gasoline.  The LuMind Foundation experienced that first hand on March 21, 2014!

The Online Success of WDSD

On World Down Syndrome Day 2014, the LuMind Foundation had one their best online giving days driven by the incredible power of social media. In early 2014, a generous donor approached the foundation and said that they would match 3 to 1 (see what they did there 3/21) any donations received on World Down Syndrome Day. March 21, was also the day LuMind Foundation was launching our new name from the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation.

The marketing committee put together a targeted social media plan to announce the new name and attract potential donors who might give knowing their gift would get extra mileage with the match.

The approach was spot on!  Of the more than $105,000 raised on WDSD, online giving exceeded $90,000. Best of all was that the strategic social media plan allowed us to generate traffic from people not currently connected to LuMind on Facebook. The Facebook post was seen by over 185,000 people and about 3,000 people engaged with the post including sharing it more than 200 times with their networks. Nearly 1,000 people visited the newly launched LuMind website in just 24 hours. Being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people and message resulted in community coming together to make a big impact in Down syndrome cognition research.  Thanks so much for your caring and generosity!

Let’s Do It Again

As we near the end of the year there is a last call for 2014 that comes in the form of LuMind’s Annual Appeal and the increasing popular #GivingTuesday. A generous donor has stepped up once again to finish this incredible year strong by offering to match 1:1 any donation over $1,000! 

For those of you unfamiliar with #GivingTuesday, it is December 2nd and it is completely focused on giving back. The rationale is that we have a day for everything else such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday where we spend money like crazy. Why not have a day completely focused on giving back?

If you are able to help support these fundraising activities, we invite you to participate in any way that you feel comfortable – making a donation, volunteering, sharing posts or starting a personal fundraising page and invite friends to give!  How cool is it to join an online community to make maximum impact as a Down syndrome family much like we did on World Down Syndrome Day.  Each and everyone of us has the opportunity to drive the future with our time, talent, and treasure.

My Giving Story

Since my son Beckett was born I’ve had a passion for working to positively impact the lives of individuals with Ds. Beckett is now four years old and I want to share the blessing of Ds with the world and help others! I’ve tapped into to my social and professional networks to raise money for LuMind, Buddy Walks and other causes close to my heart. I feel honored when people ask me to support their causes, too because it is a sign that they value my friendship enough to share what is important to them. (I must admit sometimes I do need a reminder before I give, so I appreciate more than one email or message.) To me, giving is an opportunity, not an obligation.

While #Giving Tuesday is focused on one day, our Annual Appeal has a longer timeline, allowing you more time to share the story about the importance of Down syndrome cognition research and hopefully raise funds to support that research. Please help spread the word about LuMind Foundation and the importance of Down syndrome cognition research any way you can.

Thanks again for all you have done and will do in the future!

Questions? Connect with Shon via email and on his social media sites.

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