Honoring Sarah Wernikoff


Sarah Wernikoff with Dr. Michael Harpold, LuMind Foundation’s Chief Scientific Officer.

The LuMind Foundation fondly bids farewell to our Board Chair, Sarah Wernikoff. Sarah led the LuMind Foundation Board of Directors for two years, after being involved with the board for several years. We are very grateful for Sarah’s time and talent spent shaping the organization as we celebrate the incredible research discoveries we’ve funded and progress toward FDA approved drug therapies.

“Sarah has done a fabulous job of leading the organization,” said LuMind Foundation co-founder Patty White. “Sarah has been a strong contributor to the organization for all seven years of her board service.  This last year as Board Chair she smoothly led the organization through a leadership change and brand update while grant awards to promising research projects continued with impressive results. The organization is stronger for her leadership.”

During her tenure as Board Chair, Sarah made many tremendous contributions that will have long-term, very positive impacts on the organization as we grow. She drove the rebranding effort as we migrated from DSRTF to LuMind Foundation, led the search committee for our Executive Director, Carolyn Cronin, and strengthened relationships with local affiliate groups. She also arranged fund raising events and research presentations to cultivate new donors and help grow the organization.

Sarah greeting families at the November 2014 research presentation and tour at Stanford University.

When Carolyn accepted LuMind’s Executive Director position two years ago, Sarah quickly became Carolyn’s go-to person.

“Sarah was the right person at the right time to advance the mission of LuMind Foundation,” explained Carolyn. “Her never ending energy for either early or late night phone calls to discuss the future of the organization was so helpful to me. She’s been the driving force behind keeping the momentum going all these years.”

Thanks to Sarah’s hard work, multiple 40-hour plus weeks as a volunteer, and incredible talent and ideas, the LuMind Foundation is poised for great growth, continued research breakthroughs, and recognition as the leading source for private funding of Down syndrome research.

We will miss you Sarah, but you left an amazing legacy. Thank you SO MUCH for your unwavering support and vision!

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