LuMind: The Next Generation

image2Tara Doyle may not (or may) be a Star Trek fan, but she is embracing the responsibilities of her generation, the next generation of Down syndrome research supporters.

image4Tara is the daughter of LuMind Foundation Board Member Margie Doyle and sister to the delightful Colin, who has Down syndrome. Before the Funding Futures Chicago fundraising event on October 18, Tara, her brothers, cousins, and friends invited their networks to a “Happy Hour” gathered at Goose Island. During the Happy Hour, mom Margie inspired the crowd of more than 50 people who learned about the importance of funding Down syndrome cognition research.

“I was hoping to get a few more young people interested in our cause and the exciting research going on. After my mom spoke, I could tell right away how inspired everyone was,” explained Tara, who organized the event along with brother Packy Doyle and cousin Kerry Roach. “I had multiple people approach me and say they had no idea all of this research existed, and how thrilled they were to get on board with such a great cause.”

Tara, her brothers, cousins, and friends will be a vital part of LuMind Foundation’s Giving Tuesday (December 2) campaign. Tara is inviting other siblings of people with Down syndrome to get in touch with her to help spread the word about LuMind Foundation in support of Giving Tuesday ( “I’m extremely fired up to hear from anyone who’s interested in helping!” she said.

image1“Many young people are at the point in their lives where they are looking for something meaningful to give back to. I think Down syndrome research is the perfect cause to invest in. We’re ready to make a difference,” added Tara.

To get all the #GivingTuesday updates, Tara reminded us to ask you to follow us on social media:

      LuMind on Instagram   LuMind on Pinterest   LuMind on YouTube   G+

With the life expectancy increasing for people with Down syndrome it is wonderful to see the vibrant and enthusiastic support of siblings and cousins. Thank you Tara, Packy, Kerry and all the other siblings and friends who want to help!

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