A Chat with a Member of DSACT – Emily Feiner

Feiner Boys

How adorable! Emily’s sons, Jake and Austin.

Recently we introduced you to our friends at the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT) in a blog post presenting the affiliate organization and their generous support of cognition research. Today we’d like to highlight one of their members, Emily Feiner who sees the “boost” cognition research could give to people with Down syndrome.

Emily is mother to twin seven-year-old boys, Austin and Jake. Austin is quite serious and is a fan of airplanes, while Jake loves music, dance, and Mickey Mouse. Jake also happens to have Down syndrome.

Because of Jake, Emily joined DSACT to avail herself of its wonderful programs and make connections with other families. She also shares DSACT’s commitment to funding LuMind Foundation’s important mission of advancing cognitive research. Along with her husband Bob, Emily has attended various LuMind research seminars, including a recent September Research 101 seminar with our Chief Scientific Officer Michael Harpold and Executive Director Carolyn Cronin.

“It’s inspiring to think about raising the level of cognition among people with Down syndrome,” says Emily.  “There is a great personality inside Jake and it could emerge more with an extra boost.”

Emily recognizes that there is limited funding for research on Down syndrome, so it is up to parents and Down syndrome groups to raise the money to conduct cognition studies.  Emily and her husband are also generous contributors to the LuMind Foundation, and we thank them for their support both as individuals and as members of DSACT.

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