Clinical Trials Update

In the past year, Roche initiated a new multi-national screening protocol to assess individuals with Down syndrome, aged 12-30. This is a screening protocol to assess adults and adolescents with Down syndrome for eligibility in an upcoming study of RG1662. Participants will undergo assessments to evaluate their eligibility for potential enrollment in an anticipated Phase II clinical study which will evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of RG1662. This molecule has been demonstrated in mouse models to restore more balanced neurotransmission and improve learning. 

Balance Therapeutics is continuing its Phase 1b clinical trial at sites in Australia. The compound being studied in the trial, BTD-001 is well understood and has been in use for a variety of conditions for decade. The study is looking at the potential for BTD-001 treatment to improve memory, language, and learning.

Elan Corporation has a trial underway testing a compound that may reduce beta-amyloid aggregation. This aggregation is a contributor to plaque formation observed in persons with Alzheimer's disease. 

Our brief and informative infographic provides more detail on some of the pathways that contribute to cognitive impairment in Down syndrome. This useful primer on Down syndrome cognitive research is also available in print format. Contact if you would like copies for sharing.