National Institutes of Health Research Plan on Down Syndrome – 2014 Draft

The NIH Research Plan for Down Syndrome is being updated. In 2012, a Request for Information (RFI) was published for comments on the plan, which originally was written in 2007. Linked here is the 2014 draft plan, which incorporated many of the comments gathered when the RFI was sent.
The elements of focus are:

  •  Pathophysiology of Down Syndrome and Disease Progression
  •  Screening, Diagnosis and Functional Measures of Ds related Conditions
  •  Treatment and Management
  •  Down syndrome and Aging
  •  Research Infrastructure

Your attention is especially directed to pages 7-9, which outline Short/Long term Objectives for Treatment and Management. Cognition research and treatment is highly emphasized. If you have any comments, you may reply directly to the NIH< 
Of course, key to this objective is continuing to identify research funding resources. 
Thank you for your continued support of RDS in its role of funding research aimed at understanding and treating learning disabilities in Down syndrome.

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