What Happens When You Tell a Friend about DS Cognition Research

Need a reminder of how persuasive the promise of Ds cognition research can be? Take it from one of DSRTF’s supporting friends. “My name is Vittoria Aiello,” she writes, “and I am the proud mother of Federica, a 3-year old girl with Down syndrome.

“Since our daughter was born, my husband Massimiliano Albanese and I have been very active in advocating for the rights of people with Down syndrome. This past summer we decided we wanted to raise awareness about the importance of funding Down syndrome research, and started a fundraiser to benefit the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (DRSTF). This fundraiser was a great success, not only because of the amount of money raised but also because of the awareness and significant interest this campaign raised among people from different walks of life.

“We started asking for donations from our friends and family and, slowly but consistently, our campaign grew beyond our relationship circle. In fact, we received numerous donations from people we barely knew. We were amazed by the empathy, solidarity, and humanity shown to us not only by family and friends, but also by simple acquaintances and people who happened to learn about our campaign from their family and friends — they joined this cause with incredible enthusiasm, involving, in turn, their family and friends.

“To us, our donors have not just given an amount of money. They have donated something more precious and less tangible than money: they have donated hope for a better future for people with Down syndrome.”

Our sincere gratitude goes out to Vittoria, Massimiliano, and their friends — and their friends…and beyond! — for believing in the importance of the work DSRTF promotes, for generously supporting it, and for spreading the word far and wide.

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