Dr. Roger Reeves Receives Sisley-LeJeune Award for Research in Intellectual Disability


Congratulations, Dr. Reeves and laboratory at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine!

RDS received the news below from Dr. Reeves, whose laboratory is a recipient of RDS grants. Dr. Reeves’ studies include research into the mechanism by which a single dose treatment of a growth factor-like drug, SAG, early in the life of  a  Down syndrome mouse model, restores brain function involving learning and memory in adults. These investigations could lead to significant new therapeutic strategies. Additional  studies are investigating abnormalities in brain cell circuitry caused by excitatory/inhibitory signal imbalance that might identify potential therapeutic drug targets.

Truly, as Dr. Reeves states, all RDS supporters should feel a share in this award.

Dear Colleagues,

I found out this morning that I am this year’s recipient of the Int’l. Sisley-LeJeune Award for Research in Intellectual Disability. This is an honor for me and for the many people who have contributed “at the bench” in my lab over the years. But it is equally a tribute to those whose efforts demonstrate their support and encouragement for this work, without which nothing would have been accomplished at all. I am truly thankful for your backing. It has been (and will be!) a wonderful experience to be part of this multi-faceted effort to promote research for Down syndrome. My lab and I will keep working to justify your support as we all work toward making a better life for people with Down syndrome.


Best wishes,


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