Research Down Syndrome Announces 2012/2013 Grant Awards

Research Down Syndrome (RDS) has announced funding for six grants to support Down syndrome cognitive research. The grant total represents a fifty percent increase over grants awarded by RDS in 2011.

RDS is committed to supporting the identification of the causes of the intellectual impairments associated with Down syndrome and to facilitating the development of pharmacological therapies to improve memory, learning and communication in persons with Down syndrome. Encouraging progress has been made over a very short time. A human clinical trial was initiated in the fall of 2011, less than a decade after the support of private foundations stimulated the progress of Down syndrome cognitive research.

Research Down Syndrome, among the leading sources of private funding for Down syndrome related cognitive research, prioritizes funding towards programs with a high probability of readily contributing to the development of safe and effective therapies.  Continued private donations are needed to support the constantly expanding research efforts that will lead to potential medical treatments. The 2012/2013 RDS Research Grants include:

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine:  RDS Research Center Grant entitled “A Down Syndrome Virtual Center for Basic and Translational Studies- Cognition and Therapies in Down Syndrome”     

University of California, San Diego School of Medicine:  RDS Research Center Grant entitled “Defining the Genes and Mechanisms Causing Neurodegeneration in Down Syndrome and Discovering Effective Treatments

Pilot Proposal entitled “21Lab: A Collaborative Data Sharing and Data Integration Platform for the Down Syndrome Research Community”

University of Arizona:  RDS Innovation Research Grant entitled “The Neuropsychology of Down Syndrome”

Stanford University School of Medicine: RDS Innovation Research Grant entitled “Mechanisms Underlying the Roles of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in the Learning Disability of Down Syndrome”

VA Palo Alto Health Care System: RDS Innovation Research Pilot Grant entitled “Improving Adrenergic Signaling for the Treatment of cognitive Dysfunction in Down Syndrome

University of Texas, Austin:  RDS Innovation Research Pilot Grant entitled “Genetic Analysis of Excessive Inhibitory Signaling in Down Syndrome”

The grant summary can be found here.