Let Your Voice Be Heard

In 2007, the Down Syndrome Research Plan was released. As the plan stated, its purpose was to build upon ongoing NIH-supported research relating to Down syndrome to reflect the changing lives of individuals and families affected, and to take advantage of emerging scientific opportunities. By organizing the research objectives into groupings according to subject areas and timeframes, the plan served to inform the Down syndrome community of NIH’s goals for moving ahead in this area, fostering collaborations between NIH and other agencies and groups. Five years later, the plan is now in need of evaluation and updating.  As part of this process, NICHD and the Trans-NIH Down Syndrome Working Group has issued a Request for Information(RFI). This RFI is an invitation to comment on the Down Syndrome Research Plan. It is asking from feedback from the public concerning the effectiveness of the Plan, its accomplishments, and its remaining gaps, and will welcome suggestions concerning new future research objectives. Responses will be accepted until October 17.