WDSD Wrapup

Over $425,000 — almost half a million dollars.

That’s how much you raised for Down syndrome cognition research last week.  On World Down Syndrome Day we asked for your support and you showed it, more readily than we ever imagined.

Researchers’ continuing efforts depend on your generosity in an obvious, concrete way.  We count on it, too, in a less direct sense: Knowing so many of you share our vision is inspiring and energizing.  You, your families, your loved ones with Down syndrome — well, you’re the reason we do what we do, and we appreciate your vote of confidence more than we can say.

As part of our plus15 Campaign, we ask our friends to “Do More for Down Syndrome Research” — and you did, beyond our wildest dreams.  We’re all so pleased and grateful.  Thank you so much for your support!

Aside from that rush of excitement, there was plenty to celebrate last week as the UN recognized World Down Syndrome Day for the first time.  DSRTF‘s Margie Doyle spoke at the UN’s “Building Our Future” conference — although naturally we’d love to say she was the highlight of the day, it’s impossible to deny the power and persuasion of the self-advocates who spoke, the educators who passionately promoted the worldwide imperative of getting kids with DS into the classroom, and the specialists whose compassion and humanity came through in even their short presentations.  You can watch the presenters here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Margie appears at around the 3:20:00 mark — but don’t miss any of the others, either!)

We also presented a special webinar on 3/21, with Johns Hopkins University’s Dr. Roger Reeves.  For more than 25 years, Dr. Reeves has pursued research in a field where many once thought progress was impossible.  But with every new advance, Dr. Reeves and his colleagues are proving otherwise, and we were thrilled to have him share his perspective with our friends online.  If you missed the presentation, you can still catch it here — and watch this space for more information on Dr. Reeves’ work on the Down Syndrome Cognition Project.

Finally, we’d like to give a special mention to a handful of bloggers who helped spread the word about DSRTF for WDSD.  (TYVM!)    Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes, Tracy from Ty’s Adventures, Rick from Down Syndrome Daily, and Chris from jchriscook.com were all instrumental in letting people know what we do at DSRTF and plus15, and we can’t thank you enough for sharing our message with your community.

And let’s not forget our Facebook friends, who helped our WDSD mission go viral.  We “Like” you and we thank you.  And countless others of you on Twitter passed along news of our 3:1 match — in the briefest tweetspeak, let us say Tx 4 the RTs!

All in all, World Down Syndrome Day was a fantastic moment for our whole community.  It was particularly meaningful for us because it showed us very clearly how dedicated you are to making sure people with DS have every opportunity to fulfill their potential.  Thank you so much for helping us in our drive to make that happen.

3 thoughts on “WDSD Wrapup

  1. mdbeau

    Thanks for all you’re doing for Ds cognition research and thanks to the donors who so generously matched the donations 3:1 for two days! It’s great to see the amount of money that was raised!

  2. Ty's Adventures

    Hi! It’s me, Ty!
    That is a lot of money, dudes!!! I hope it goes a long way. Mom & I are super proud to help you guys in any way we can, you know we got your back *wink, wink*.
    The sky’s the limit!
    ~Ty & Tracy

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