Celebrating WDSD with a 3:1 Match…and More

World Down Syndrome Day is almost here, and it’s hard to contain our excitement.  For the first time, March 21 — 3/21, for three copies of the 21st chromosome — is being officially observed by the United Nations.  Although we do this on a personal level daily, 3/21 represents our chance to speak in a single global voice to advocate for the inclusion and celebration of people with Down syndrome.

You’ve spoken up, too, adding your voice to the conversation through the plus15 campaign’s World Down Syndrome Day map.   We asked you to complete this sentence: “A 15% increase in learning, memory, and speech would mean that my loved one with Down syndrome could…”  Your answers show such hope for the future, such love for your children, and so much pride in their accomplishments so far.  We thank you for sharing — your words and your pictures inspire all of us to work toward a future of heightened possibility for all people with DS.

To further our WDSD celebration, we’re offering a webinar with Down syndrome researcher Dr. Roger Reeves of Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Reeves has devoted more than 25 years to the field of DS cognition research, and we’re so pleased to help share his perspective with you through this special online presentation. We’ve reached our maximum number of signups, so registration for the webinar is now closed, but you’ll be able to view the presentation online shortly after the event — stay tuned for a link.

Finally, we’re thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, March 21, all donations to the DSRTF will be matched 3:1 by some of our generous donors.  Your $20 donation becomes $80, your $100 becomes $400, and so on — your gift will be quadrupled. This is an amazing opportunity to maximize your support of DS cognition research, so we urge you to take advantage of this one-day event.  And we thank you with all our hearts for sharing our commitment to increasing independence and learning for people with DS.

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