Webinar Recap: Dr. William Mobley on Current DS Cognition Research

“This was absolutely incredible.” “Great webinar!” “Incredible medical data!” That’s how our Facebook friends responded to our recent webinar with UCSD‘s Dr. William Mobley on current Down syndrome cognition research. If you were able to join us, we’re glad you could make it — and if you couldn’t, you can still take in the archived version.


UCSD's Dr. William Mobley

About DS cognition research in general, Dr. Mobley said, “We’re excited about what we’re finding.  We really view this time to be a special one…People should feel very good about the progress that’s been made, largely with the support of DSRTF,” said Dr. Mobley.  And although he cautioned that of course no researcher can promise success, he said, “I think [people] should look with real hope on the near future and having treatments available enabling [people with Down syndrome] to live the lives that their parents and they want to live.”

Dr. Mobley’s presentation continued in some detail, moving from a basic explanation of the cognitive challenges people with DS experience through a progressively more complex discussion of the focus of current research.  He described the opportunities and challenges facing researchers now, particularly regarding financial support of their work, and pointed out that your donations to DSRTF not only fuel current efforts but can also be leveraged into substantial funding from the NIH.  The urgency of the work that he and his colleagues do, and the imperative to continue it, is underscored in his statement — obvious to those of us who love and live with them — that “people with DS have much to teach us all.”

It’s always a privilege to work with some of DS research’s most accomplished scientists.  Thank you, Dr. Mobley, for sharing your time and expertise with us — and thank you, friends and supporters, for checking our webinar out.

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